Gower Triathlon 31 August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the WalesTriathlon? No problem – simply look through our frequently asked questions below, and hopefully you’ll find the info you need.

General FAQs

How can I register for the event?

Simply go to the registration page by clicking here and entering online via Active. We do not accept paper entries.

Are there age restrictions for race entry?

Yes you must be 16 years old by the day of the race to compete in the Olympic distance.

Can someone else register me?

No, you MUST register yourself, either the night before or the morning of the race, with ID and Disclaimer.

When do I get my race number and timing chip?

These must be collected at the time of registration upon showing photo ID.

Are there official photographers?

Yes, Charles Whitton will be on site to take athlete photos.

Can I Transfer, Defer or Refund My Entry?

Please see for all answers regarding transfer, deferrals and refunds.

When is the closing date for registration?

Registration closes on the 16th August at Midday, subject to availability.

How do I know if my entry has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of entering the triathlon.  If you don't receive a confirmation email, please firstly check your junk mail folder.  If you have any concerns regarding your entry please email us at

Do you have to be a member of a club?

No you don't need to be a member of a club.

What time does registration open?

Registration will take place at the The Ship Inn, Port Eynon.  For registration opening times please go to

Can I enter in a team?

Yes you can, of 2 or 3 people.

Can I enter a mixed relay team?

Yes you can, of 2 or 3 people.

Will there be any road closure?

There are no road closures at this event.

Swim FAQs

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Yes, this is mandatory for all of our events and must cover the torso & thighs. It must NOT cover the hands and feet.  British Triathlon Federation rules state that the wetsuit must not be thicker than 5mm in any position (including where a patch-repair has been made).  Non-triathlon wetsuits are not designed to be flexible around the shoulders and arms and will take on extra water so it is recommended you race in a triathlon wetsuit.

Can I wear my own swim hat?

If you wish to wear your own hat you can, but you MUST wear the race issue hat on top.

What stroke can I use?

Although BTF rules have now allowed backstroke we will not allow you to do this stroke. Front facing strokes only.

How is the start organised?

The swim is a mass start, therefore you will need to get into position before the starting gun.  If you think you are in with a chance, then get to the front; if not, try and position yourself on the basis of faster swimmers at the front, slower swimmers at the back.

How early should I be at the start?

You should be at the start at least fifteen minutes before the race to hear the briefing and to find a suitable position.

How do you marshal/ensure safety on the swim?

There will be support boats and kayaks with qualified life-saving personnel on hand.  There will be a race briefing prior to the start, but if you have problems, it is standard procedure to lie on your back and raise your hand in the air, and you will be picked out of the water as soon as possible.

Bike FAQ

Can I use Tri Bars (aerobars)?

Yes Tri Bars are allowed.

Do I need a specific type of bike?

You can use any bike that is roadworthy and complies with the BTF rules.  However you MUST NOT use electric bikes or tandems.  We recommend using a road bike.

Do I need a specific helmet?

Your helmet MUST meet the British Triathlon specifications of ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078.  A "CE" mark is not an approved mark and therefore is not acceptable.  The helmet must not have any cracks in it and the strap must be in good working order.

Where do I wear my timing chip?

You must wear your timing chip on your left ankle.


Where do I apply the bike and helmet stickers?

You must apply one sticker on your bike seat post and one on the front of your helmet.

Will my bike be safe in transition?

Your bike will be safe in transition.  You must show the security staff your bike with sticker, helmet with sticker and matching race number before entering or leaving with a bike.

Will there be drink/feed stations on route?

There will be no drink/feed stations on the course as this is a sprint distance but there will be water at the finish line.

Is drafting permitted during the race?

No drafting is not permitted.


Can I wear headphones?

No, we discourage anyone wearing headphones during the race.

Is there a cut off?

Yes there are cut offs for the event.  Please refer to the itinerary for all the correct times.

Is the run mainly on roads or multi-terrain

The run is across sand dunes and across the coastal path, so it is multi-terrain.

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